Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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About Us

What we do

We are hoping to make ourselves the No:1 place for all those willing to take the plunge into Investment. We’re not selling anything and were not buying, just sound advice, news and general reading for you to educate yourselves for all your future business. We will be citing all the best resources and providing recommendations for consultants and investments.

Also expect a lot of rants in our posts as our passionate writers have total freedom to post anything that has been annoying them in the week, be it politics, business or anything else, they will certainly make a fun read!



It is vital for you that we provide up to date and accurate detail about all the markets hot in investment, so just keep following us for all you information needs.


Every so often our team will come across what we consider a great investment opportunity. When we do we will be sure to let you know. If you want to receive these opportunities before anyone else then our newsletter is the best option for you.



Our news streams will filter out all the news relevant to our readers so stay tuned.